INFORMED COMMENTARY February 28-March 4, 2016

INFORMED COMMENTARY, February 28-March 4

To Louis Odion, power without responsibility is the phrase that captures President Muhammadu Buhari’s pussyfooting on taking responsibility for the 2016 Budget padding fiasco, and the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi’s role in the abduction of a teenage girl from Bayelsa State.  In his Friday, March 4 column, “Power without responsibility”, Odion reminds “In case the Buhari handlers don’t know, they should be enlightened that the signature the president appended to the document before its presentation to the National Assembly on December 22, 2015 is tantamount to a proof of ownership”.  As for Sanusi, he describes as “pathethic” his “plumbing deep into the cesspool of illogic in an attempt to evade responsibility for the seven-months-long atrocity that transpired at least to his knowledge, if not under his watch”.  READ MORE AT....

KAYODE Komolafe March 2 in Thisday barely restrains himself from calling President Buhari names over his statement in Saudi Arabia that he was no longer predisposed to implementing the N5000 monthly dole to one million jobless Nigerians. The president had said he was more inclined to funding infrastructure and developing agriculture and mining. Komolafe argues that the issue “should not be about which constitutes a priority—funding infrastructure and agriculture or social intervention”, submitting: whilst “the government should assiduously implement its programmes in infrastructure, agriculture, mining and other important areas, the poverty situation demands that the government should implement programmes of social protection for the poorest segment of the society as envisaged in the budget”. He suspects that accurate targeting of the beneficiaries and corruption appears to be the worry of opponents. His solution: “The challenge is how the administration can competently design a programme of cash transfer that could be targeted at the poorest segment of the society without corruption and other leakages”. READ MORE AT...


OLATUNJI DARE in The Nation March 1 treats the fairy story of Olajumoke, the bread hawker whose fortuitous stray into a photo shoot of a hip hop artiste turned her into an instant star and a new life of modelling. Dare celebrates Olajumoke; Dare worries about her, the new found fame and the danger poor handling could have for her future with her family, with herself. “Lost is the environment she has always known, now replaced by a world of minders and agents, and teeming supplicants and opportunists and persons of dubious character and even more dubious motives. This setting opens the door to vicious exploitation—the type that has, even in better regulated societies, brought down many a celebrity precipitously down from affluence to indigence”. READ MORE AT....


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