Jonathan vs Buhari - between Change and Continuity

Jonathan vs Buhari - between Change and Continuity Featured

Jonathan vs Buhari - between Change and Continuity

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Finally, the elections are here....

By Lanre Idowu (Editot-in-Chief)


After much drama, which has seen candidates crisscrossing all over Nigeria, promising all manner of goodies at carnival-like campaign rallies, the Aelections are here. After all manner of accusations, scaremongering, hate speeches and barefaced lying, the elections are here. After a forced six week shift, attributed to the need to provide more security in the troubled northeast zone, the elections are finally here.

Officially, the presidential election parades more than a dozen candidates but in truth the race is between two men, the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, and the persistent, General Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress, a former military ruler, who is making his fourth challenge for the presidency.

Unlike the previous four general elections, which the PDP won, this year's contest offers a more formidable opposition in the APC. Product of a merger of three parties that participated in the 2011 elections---the Congress for Progressive Change, All Peoples Party and the Action Congressthe APC has given the PDP a good run. Whilst the APC anchors its campaign on the need for change, the PDP has been harping on need for continuity to bring to fruition dividends of its transformational agenda

It has been a rancorous campaign, aided by a desperate political elite and an expensive one, welcomed by a gobbling media that has feasted on a rich harvest of political adverts. Claims have been repeated without sufficient effort to sift them. Lives have been lost and limbs broken in a tension atmosphere that has led to the political gladiators needing to sign peace treaty on two occasions.

The regulatory bodies on election coverage have been so remiss that there is compelling need to re-examine their basis of existence. That can wait till the elections are over. A good number of stories are served in this edition to give the reader a good feel of what the political climate has been.

Enjoy it.

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