The MEDIA and Boko Haram
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What does Boko Haram want?

The Boko Haram terror machine has redefined life in Nigeria. True, most of its physical and psychological atrocities have been confined to northern Nigeria but the larger impact on efforts to promote national understanding, cohesion, and development has been nationwide.

Top Ten Stories of 2013; Shape of 2014 News

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This News Business


Defining what is news has not always been easy because what is news in the eyes of a journalist may be no more than drivel to another.

News is, however, the primary commodity through which a medium seeks to interest its audience with its regular diet of public intelligence.

It is the quality of news reporting, which is value-added information processing, that informs the weight patrons attach to what a news medium offers as news.

The New York Times prides itself as publishing “all the news that's fit for print”. In other words, what it doesn't publish is not news. The (Nigerian) Guardian asserts that what it publishes is shaped by a “conscience nurtured by truth”. It is a bold claim of fidelity to ethical consciousness, which must be tested regularly. Many other publications make similar claims, emphasizing the sanctity of truth-seeking as a cardinal objective of journalism.

November/December 2014

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Everyone loves recognition 

I begin on a note of gratitude to you all for honouring our invitation to spend your evening with us on this beautiful and holy day. Thank you.

We wanted to start this program earlier than now but....Again, I say Thank you.

Before we go further, let me invite us to be upstanding as we observe a moment of silence in memory of those gladiators in our industry who made a difference. I speak of Dame Remi Oyo, 61 former MD, News Agency of Nigeria, Mr. Dimgba Igwe, 58 director Sun Newspapers Mr. Mike Akpan, 64 Editor-in-Chief, Real News,

The Sacking of Lamido Sanusi

How come nobody ever told me that the President has the power to suspend (but not to dismiss) the CBN Governor? Has there ever been a case of suspension of a CBN Governor before now, or is Sanusi's case the first of its kind? Is Sanusi's suspension well or ill-timed given existing controversies? Will Sanusi be reinstated after a while, or will he transit from suspension to retirement/dismissal in another three months? Is the suspension a due-diligence process to check fiscal recklessness or a reprisal following Sanusi's whistle-blowing about the reportedly missing $ 20 billion? So many questions!

July/August 2014
2015 GENERAL ELECTIONS - Towards Impactful Reporting

Towards Impactful Elections


There is always something delightful in seeing professionals engage in frank dissection of issues of professional concern. There are the knowledgeable ones eager to spar with the trainers; there are those who come with preconceived ideas and are strongly insistent on their positions;

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