By Lanre Idowu

Let me begin by thanking the organisers of this workshop, the Network of Migration Research on Africa, for inviting me to share a word with you distinguished participants. Let me also acknowledge the support of the sponsors, the European Union, the International Organisation for Migration and other government agencies represented here today.

September 2015

 Devoted Teacher, Student’s delight

By Lanre Idowu


A month before Professor Ade Adefuye’s shocking transition on August 27, his name had cropped up in a conversation I had with two colleagues—Ademola Oyinlola and Ayo Akinkuotu—both of Tell Communications at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Victoria Island.

JULY 2015

 Why we celebrate Uncle Sam

By Lanre Idowu


I begin this address of welcome on a note of appreciation. I say Thank You, Almighty God, for making today possible. The Holy Bible enjoins us to honour our parents so that our days may be long on earth. So, we thank Almighty God for giving us the grace to organize this occasion in honour of our professional father. On behalf of the Media Organising Committee and Diamond Publications, I also thank you, beautiful people, for being here to witness this ceremony. We are here to celebrate Mr. Samson Oruru Amuka, OON, fnge, everyone’s uncle, for joining the Octogenarians Club. We are also here to celebrate the Nigerian media for its gift of Uncle Sam.


JUNE 2015

 The Villa and its Presidential Spokespersons

Lanre Idowu


The Aso Villa, seat of Nigeria's presidency, continues to elicit public interest. As Leon Usigbe of the Nigerian Tribune June 1 reminds the reader, "It is the seat of power, a security zone, highly sensitive and secretive"; an "esoteric conclave" where news hunt "may mean digging for trouble".


Remi Oyo: May the heavens accept her soul

By Lanre Idowu

A Yoruba adage says “There is a lot to say, there is little time and space to do so; there is time and space to fill, but there is very little to say”.

In my case the former is true. As I struggle to recall whose acquaintance I made first: Vincent or Remi Oyo’s, I know the casual professional association with both of them that started 30 years ago transformed from 1999 into a closer professional collaboration and personal friendship. 

MAY 2013


By Lanre Idowu

In this 6th year of the BRF administration in Lagos State and the 14th year of uninterrupted civil rule in Nigeria, the media can be said to give a fairly decent account of happenings in society. In terms of providing general intelligence on happenings in society, our media often capture fairly well the sense of the occasion. Periodically, they provide flashes of brilliant reporting that bring a warm glow to the heart.

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